Our unique approach based on 3D design and 3D printing

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We aren’t traditional jewellery designers, as you can tell from our idiosyncratic designs, but also by our use of 3D drawing software and 3D printing. In addition to artisan goldsmith techniques, we use modern technology to further refine our designs and offer you a better impression of your jewellery’s ultimate appearance.

Using 3D drawing software, we can create a detailed image of your ring, bracelet, necklace or earrings. For more unusual designs, we can also print a plastic 3D sample. This provides you with a physical representation of your gold jewellery, allowing you to judge whether it meets your expectations very precisely. The process becomes more personal and transparent, making your decision to opt for a bespoke design an even more pleasant experience.

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How do we work?


To create your actual jewellery, we first print the 3D design in wax and then cast it in gold or platinum using the time-honoured ‘lost wax’ technique.


We then hand-finish your jewellery in our studio in Antwerp. We distinguish ourselves from classic jewellery designers through our exceptional blending of traditional craft and modern technology.

The advantages of our unique 3D approach?


Alliance collection

Consider the distinctive claw settings of our Alliance collection, a contemporary twist on solitaire engagement rings made possible thanks to our 3D design process. Our technologies allow us to create designs that would be impossible to achieve with traditional methods as they’d be too labour-intensive or too expensive. Say hello to KUBINI jewellery’s characteristic geometry!