KUBINI: Contemporary Antwerp jewellery designers

KUBINI is an Antwerp design firm that creates jewellery pieces for various fashion brands and designs its own collections. Belgian design duo Lien Hereijgers and Kaat De Groef complement each other perfectly as they blend craftsmanship, creativity and technological innovation to produce surprising results. Our designs combine gold jewellery’s classic, luxurious appeal with innovative ideas and modern design processes.

We trained to become jewellery designers & goldsmiths together at the Royal Academy for Fine Arts Antwerp. Kaat then explored the fashion worlds of London and Paris, gaining experience at Maison Margiela and Nathan-Baume, among others. Lien developed her own brand of composite jewellery and laid the foundation for our current studio in Antwerp.

In 2018 we joined creative forces to continue as KUBINI. Since then, we have used our innovative approach and creative designs to create our own collections, wedding and engagement rings. We also design items on request for fashion labels and accessory brands.

Gouden juwelen - Gouden oorbellen - Kubini Antwerpen

Modern luxury

Whether you’re looking for wedding or engagement rings, jewellery for a special moment or gold jewellery that’s made to measure to complement your outfit. With a passion for design and a careful ear for our customers’ wishes, we create contemporary jewellery that embraces the luxury of gold in a very unique way. Jewellery charged with emotion, that embodies your loveliest memories in tangible form so that you can always have them with you.

Kubini ⸺ for golden moments

Personal and accessible

We realise that gold jewellery, possibly with diamonds, is an investment that requires careful thought. That’s why we consider it important to offer you both the highest quality and personal, accessible communication too. We are happy to welcome you to our studio in Antwerp, where we can help you choose the jewellery that’s truly right for you and you will love wearing every day.

Modern design processes

We aren’t traditional jewellery designers, as you can tell from our idiosyncratic designs, but also by our use of but also by our use of 3D drawing software and 3D printing. In addition to artisan goldsmith techniques, we use modern technology to further refine our designs and offer you a better impression of your jewellery’s ultimate appearance.

Slow fashion jewellery

While we practice a craft that’s centuries old as goldsmiths, that doesn’t mean
we’re stuck in the past. We’re just as innovative in our choice of materials as we are in our
use of 3D design techniques. We are aware of our industry’s
impact on the planet and choose to create
beautiful, high quality jewellery that’s sustainable too.

For example, we work only in gold and platinum, sustainable precious metals that
last a long time. Yes, gold or platinum jewellery requires a greater investment.
It also means you are deliberately opting for slow fashion you can pass on for generations.

Sustainable diamonds

We opt for sustainability in our diamonds as well. As we are fortunate to be located in the centre of Antwerp, we can work with the best diamond specialists. We also offer lab-grown diamonds, a more sustainable alternative of the same high quality as natural diamonds.