Personalised jewellery: the process

We’ve been known to say that selecting wedding rings is a lot like finding your true love. You realise your dream step by step, from the first meeting to the moment you put the rings on each other’s fingers. For each couple that comes to us, we approach your rings’ design as a unique project, deserving of commitment, creativity and quality. We will meet multiple times and take all the time we need to achieve this.

Gepersonaliseerde trouwringen - Trouwringen Antwerpen
Initial consultation

During your initial consultation, you will mainly be looking around and trying things on.That’s because jewels make a different impression in real life than they do in pictures, and only truly come to life on your hand. During this first date, we will listen as you tell us your story and wishes and explore your preferences together.


We will go to work on your chosen designs, personalising them to fit your preferences or creating an entirely new design based on your personal dreams. Our digital design process allows us to present you with a highly accurate 3D visualisation of your rings’ ultimate appearance. It is also possible to determine the final price at this stage.

Second consultation

We meet once more to go over the developed designs together and tweak them as needed. We also decide on details such as the inscription, finish and choice of material.We don’t rush, but work with care and respect. A design isn’t done until it gives you instant thrills!

Jewellery making

Head over heels? Then we will make the jewellery. Your jewellery is first 3D-printed in wax, after which we use the age-old lost-wax technique to cast it in gold or platinum. We then hand-finish your rings in our studio in Antwerp.


Le moment suprême. A few weeks before your big day, you will collect the jewellery from our workshop in Antwerp.


Our service does not stop when you have collected the jewellery. We are happy to provide you with an extensive care guide to ensure that your jewellery continues to shine as brightly as your love.