Bespoke Engagement ring

In addition to our own collections, wedding and engagement rings that we can personalise to suit your preferences, we would also be more than happy to create fully bespoke designs. We will either base your design on an existing concept or create an entirely new one based on your story and desires. Usually, one meeting is enough for us to know what kind of jewellery you’re looking for, even if you aren’t quite sure yourself yet. Together, we’ll proceed from initial ideas and rough sketches to a 3D design and highly realistic visualisation.

Curious about the possibilities? Be inspired by our bespoke gold jewellery and make an appointment to visit our studio now.

Our jewellery is fully customisable and is therefore customised only after ordering. During an appointment in our showroom, we will discuss all the details together and also provide you with an exact price. Afterwards, we get to work and it takes 4 to 6 weeks until your jewel is ready.

The prices you see here are guide prices for a yellow gold and white gold variation respectively. The final price of your jewellery may differ from this.

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Engagement rings

An engagement ring is more than just a piece of jewellery. Along with the gift of a beautiful gold ring, possibly with a diamond, you’re presenting a symbol of your everlasting love. Lovely, isn’t it? Of course, this also means you’re willing to go all the way to find a unique engagement ring for your beloved. You want a ring that symbolises your love, but also suits your intended’s personal style and taste in jewellery.

Local quality and sustainable design

To create your jewellery, we first print the 3D design in wax and then cast it in gold using the time-honoured ‘lost wax’ technique. We then hand-finish your jewellery in our studio in Antwerp. . We distinguish ourselves from classic jewellery designers through our exceptional blending of traditional craft and modern technology.

Lab-grown diamonds

Because sustainability is of paramount importance to us, we have chosen to work meanly with lab-grown diamonds in our jewellery These are diamonds that are more ecologically and ethically created than natural diamonds.