945.001,330.00 incl. btw

Wie houdt van ronde vormen en lijnen zal ongetwijfeld voor de Connected-ringen vallen. Een stijlvol, tijdloos ontwerp met een uniek lijnenspel. In jouw favoriete afwerking – witgoud, roségoud of geelgoud – komt het fijne karakter van Connected ongeremd tot zijn recht.

Our jewellery is fully customisable and is therefore customised only after ordering. During an appointment in our showroom, we will discuss all the details together and also provide you with an exact price. Afterwards, we get to work and it takes 4 to 6 weeks until your jewel is ready.

The prices you see here are guide prices for a yellow gold and white gold variation respectively. The final price of your jewellery may differ from this.

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Additional information


18kt champagne gold, 18ct yellow gold, 18kt rose gold, 18ct white gold


De afgebeelde ringen zijn 3mm tot 5mm breed, dit is personaliseerbaar.


Determine other details such as the composition, width, finish and engraving to fit your personal taste.


Timing is key. Zeker bij trouwringen. Voor een juweel uit de collectie kom je best drie maanden op voorhand langs, voor een nieuw ontwerp reken je vier à vijf maanden.

Lokale kwaliteit

Handgemaakt in België in eigen atelier.

Wedding rings

From minimalist to far out of the box. Every pair of wedding bands made by KUBINI is made to measure to reflect what love means to you personally. Our aesthetic is subtle and refined, while also embodying a deeper message.

For example, we have minimalist wedding rings with a shape defined by your special date. We also offer gold rings that fit together to form a perfect whole, just like your relationship. Each of our designs, with or without diamonds, tells a unique story without sacrificing the timeless simplicity that characterises KUBINI.

Local quality and sustainable design

To create your jewellery, we first print the 3D design in wax and then cast it in gold using the time-honoured ‘lost wax’ technique. We then hand-finish your jewellery in our studio in Antwerp. . We distinguish ourselves from classic jewellery designers through our exceptional blending of traditional craft and modern technology.

Lab-grown diamonds

Because sustainability is of paramount importance to us, we have chosen to work meanly with lab-grown diamonds in our jewellery These are diamonds that are more ecologically and ethically created than natural diamonds.