Love Letters earrings

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Keep your special memories close with our unique Love Letters earrings. Initials (one or two, depending on your preference) are subtly incorporated in the geometric, square designs. They are only noticeable when you look at the earrings from the side, ensuring only you are aware of the intimate message, making them truly your own.

Which initials would you like to wear in your Love Letters jewel? Enter your choice of letters (1 or 2 letters) at the checkout of your cart.

Our jewellery is fully customisable and is therefore customised only after ordering. During an appointment in our showroom, we will discuss all the details together and also provide you with an exact price. Afterwards, we get to work and it takes 4 to 6 weeks until your jewel is ready.

The prices you see here are guide prices for a yellow gold and white gold variation respectively. The final price of your jewellery may differ from this.

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8mm x 8mm

Love Letters

This jewellery is lovely as a gift for a birth or birthday, or to remind you of someone special. We’ll subtly incorporate your chosen initials into a ring, necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings.

Local quality and sustainable design

To create your jewellery, we first print the 3D design in wax and then cast it in gold using the time-honoured ‘lost wax’ technique. We then hand-finish your jewellery in our studio in Antwerp. . We distinguish ourselves from classic jewellery designers through our exceptional blending of traditional craft and modern technology.

Lab-grown diamonds

Because sustainability is of paramount importance to us, we have chosen to work meanly with lab-grown diamonds in our jewellery These are diamonds that are more ecologically and ethically created than natural diamonds.